SilverLight MSI Install

I wanted to deploy SilverLight version 5 to the whole company, and when I looked at the official deployment guide it basically said to run the silverlight executable with the /q switch (quiet). If you then wanted to disable automatic updates you would have to push out a registry change via group policy script to update the local machine registry with the following entry “UpdateMode”=dword:00000002.

Ideally I always try to deploy applications with a single technology, and in this scenario I wanted to use SCCM. I could have just used a BAT script to deploy the msi package and registry change, but as I was curious I went ahead and tried to get this working in an MSI.

The steps are took were:

  1. Download the latest Silverlight executable from Microsoft
  2. Extract the core files using 7zip
  3. I then edited the MSI using Wise Package Studio to add the registry entries to both x86 and x64 registry paths. Any other MSI editor would do though!
  4. I then extracted the silverlight.7z to export the msp file within.

As this point my folder contents looks likes this:


With this all completed you can run an installation using:

msiexec /i %~dp0silverlight.msi patch=%~dp0silverlight.msp /quiet

Note: %dp0 is just the current directory.

Hope that helps!



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