Changing Outlook 2010 ‘memo style’ template

I have received a request to change the page setup in Outlook 2010 so that the left margin is set to 2 cm for all users.

This request was triggered as their hole punching was too close to the text.  Setting this individually is an easy action of going into File > Print > Print Options > Page Setup… and then setting this in the Paper Tab.

Page Setup

The problem is though that I need a way to deploy this to all 200 users in the firm. So my first question is, where is this ‘page setup’ configuration kept?

Through some googling I found a possible link with a file called “OutlPrnt” which is kept in %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook.


To test this I made the changes to the memo style and then shutdown Outlook. I renamed the OutlPrnt and launched Outlook again. The default settings for Memo Style loaded and the OutlPrnt file were recreated. I then shutdown Outlook again, removed the created OutlPrnt file and corrected the naming of original file so it would be re-used.

The altered ‘memo style’ is set when we run Outlook again, so we now know for sure that these page margins are set in the OutlPrnt file.

The next step is to find a method of deploying the modified ‘OutlPrnt’ file to all the users.

In the project soo far we have generally been using group policy to push out files, but it would be equally easy to use a logon script (bat or vbs).

The function I have used previously in a vbs script was ‘.CopyFile’, but in this situation I am going to use group policy as I have something similar setup to push out a modified normal.dotm.

This setting is under “User Configuration” > “Preferences” > “Files”.

I am going to place the modified ‘OutlPrnt’ into the location appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and will run this under the user’s context.

I tested this through user targeting in Group Policy and can confirm that my test account gets the new ‘OutlPrnt’ file even if they already had a OutlPrnt file. Request done!


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